Divorce In Denmark: From Speed Dating To Speed Divorce?

Date: December 6th, 2012 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors

Speed dating has become a common and relatively efficient way to shortlist potential new partners.  But in Denmark, it appears that this fast-paced approach to finding a partner, could soon extend to couples working with their divorce solicitors to fast forward through their divorce.

In essence, the Danish Government has introduced a proposal that will allow couples to do away with the current mandatory six-month separation period.

Some commenters have pointed out that the ‘easier’ a divorce feels, the more the institution of marriage will be undermined. However, Government spokespeople have defended their proposal by suggesting that it can be unfair to force some couples to unnecessarily drag out a stressful divorce process.  The Government also makes the point that those couples which do still want the six month break in order to consider their relationship, won’t be forced into divorcing more quickly.

Public opinion research conducted in Denmark does appear to show support for the Government’s proposal.  Almost 65 percent of Danes said they were in favour of the law being updated in this way.  However, those who disagree with the Government’s proposal suggest that the implications may not be fully realised until it’s too late.  For instance, some spouses who wish to divorce, do subsequently change their mind during the current six month separation period, and instead choose to work on saving their marriage.  The argument being that families could be hurt unnecessarily if couples rush through the divorce process only to find that they potentially regret their decision further down the line.  Spouses may also find that they have not had sufficient time to become accustomed to being single again which in turn could make the stresses of divorce even greater.

Perhaps in an attempt to counter their proposal that appears to make divorce easier, the Danish Government has also proposed state divorce fees should be almost doubled.  Some will argue that the end result will be more people getting divorced in Denmark and as a consequence, more income for the Government.

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