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Can I Use My Own Expert To Value Assets In My Financial Hearing?

Many of the divorces that we deal with involve assets of some complexity. The financial pot to be divided might include complex pension funds and…

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What Is Fraudulent Non-Disclosure In Divorce And What Is The Penalty?

When you are involved in financial remedy proceedings as part of your divorce, full disclosure of your financial assets is required. And this applies whether…

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Can I Change My Prenup After I Get Married, And Can Agreements Be Challenged?

As the name suggests a prenup agreement is one that’s made ahead of your marriage. If, after you get married you want to change the…

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Do I Pay CGT If I Sell Assets As Part Of A Financial Settlement?

Divorcing couples are sometimes confronted with unexpected tax implications when it comes to implementing financial settlements. In particular potential liability for Capital Gains Tax (CGT)…

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When Will Courts Refuse To Enforce A Post-Nuptial Agreement?

There are many reasons why clients might wish to enter nuptial agreements – pre and post marriage. Generally speaking, the English courts will give effect…

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Are You A Victim Of Financial Abuse?

Financial abuse takes many forms. It occurs in a wide range of situations. As family law solicitors we usually see it in the context of…

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How Are Grandparents And Other Non-Parents Treated In Family Proceedings?

Usually it’s the parents who ask family courts to decide the living and care arrangements for children when they are unable to agree matters between…

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Can I Stop Paying Maintenance?

In recent years we’ve seen family court judges lean towards limiting awards of spousal maintenance in favour of what’s sometimes called  ‘a clean break divorce’.…

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Can I Get More Maintenance If My Financial Situation Gets Worse?

When applying for financial provision as part of your divorce settlement you and your spouse are legally obliged to make full and frank disclosure of…

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How Do Family Courts Deal With Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation can be devastating not just for the targeted parent who is being alienated or unjustifiably distanced from their child but critically, for a…

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Can Unmarried Partners Claim A Share In Property After Separation?

In England and Wales, unlike in many other jurisdictions, there are no hard and fast rules about how the property of unmarried couples is divided…

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Do I Need A Mortgage Capacity Report To Finalise My Financial Settlement?

Paying for the changed living arrangements that follow separation and divorce is a key issue in most cases we deal with. When you divorce, what…

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