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How Do Family Courts Deal With Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation can be devastating not just for the targeted parent who is being alienated or unjustifiably distanced from their child but critically, for a…

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Can Unmarried Partners Claim A Share In Property After Separation?

In England and Wales, unlike in many other jurisdictions, there are no hard and fast rules about how the property of unmarried couples is divided…

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Do I Need A Mortgage Capacity Report To Finalise My Financial Settlement?

Paying for the changed living arrangements that follow separation and divorce is a key issue in most cases we deal with. When you divorce, what…

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How Long Do Financial Proceedings Take In Divorce?

The financial element is often the most complex and contested aspect of your divorce. In our experience the time it takes to reach an agreement…

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Can I Continue My Financial Claim If My Spouse Dies?

In 2023 the Supreme Court confirmed that if a spouse dies before a financial order is finalised in a divorce case the spouse seeking relief…

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Do I Have To Mediate When I Divorce?

You can’t be forced to mediate when you are getting divorced. The consensus is that for mediation to be effective, couples should sign up to…

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Will Our Finances Become Public If We Go To Court As Part Of Our Divorce?

One incentive for couples to privately negotiate financial settlements in their divorce is to avoid details of their family finances becoming public. Financial details might…

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In Family Law, What Is A Fact-Finding Hearing?

Fact-finding hearings in the family court take place in certain child arrangement cases. We know that all kinds of allegations can be made when crucial…

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How Does A Fixed Fee Divorce Work?

If you are getting divorced, the amount you pay in legal fees will be one of the things you’ll need to think about. Many people…

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Joint Applications For Divorce: What Are The Pitfalls?

Under the no-fault divorce procedure that applies in England and Wales, couples can make their divorce applications jointly. As we know, no-fault divorce is all…

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Do Family Lawyers Have To Use Legal Language?

The language we use during family law cases really matters. As specialist family law solicitors we tread a fine line. On the one hand we…

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Can I Hold My Ex To Our Financial Agreement Even If There’s No Court Order?

Most financial settlements are agreed between divorcing couples without the need for a full-scale court hearing. When negotiations have concluded both parties – with their…

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