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Can I Take My Children With Me If I Move Abroad After My Divorce?

There are many reasons why you may wish to move abroad following your divorce. You might simply want to return to your home country to…

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Do I Need To Change My Power Of Attorney When I Divorce?

Divorce leads to big changes on a number of fronts. It will involve a complete rearrangement of your financial and personal affairs. Changing bank accounts…

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Divorce: How Do English Courts Secure Overseas Assets?

Many of our clients – or their spouses – have assets located outside the UK such as overseas bank accounts or foreign holiday homes. Sometimes…

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What Happens When A Consent Order is Unclear?

Consent Orders are a legal record of the financial agreement reached when a couple gets divorced. The orders are negotiated and drafted between the parties…

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Can I Keep More Of The Pension After Divorce If My Spouse Paid In Less?

Pension division on divorce is a complicated business. The general approach might in theory be a 50/50 split. But in reality other matters – the…

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Can I Employ A Private Judge To Decide Our Divorce?

Backlogs in the family law system mean finalising your divorce through the courts can be a lengthy process. Pressure on judges and court staff inject…

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Can I Get My Spouse To Pay Maintenance Before A Final Settlement?

Financial pressure can mount up quickly in the immediate aftermath of a separation. How does a financially weaker spouse or a spouse who has depended…

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UK-EU Cross-Border Divorces Explained

When a divorce involves two people who are residents or nationals of separate countries we have to consider the following: What laws should decide the…

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Do I Need A New Will After My Divorce?

Many people think that when you divorce any will that existed is no longer valid – that the will is revoked by the divorce. This…

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Will Our Prenup Be Legal If We Use The Same Solicitor?

The courts are much more ready to uphold the terms of a prenuptial agreement now than in the past. But one thing that’s frequently misunderstood…

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What Happens If My Ex Makes Untrue Allegations About My Finances During Divorce?

All kinds of allegations arise in the course of a divorce. But if your ex suggests you aren’t being straight about the assets you own,…

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Am I Restricted To Choosing A Family Solicitor With Offices Near To Me?

Lawyers now take full advantage of technology to provide services to clients nationally and internationally without the need for face-to-face meetings. But frequently clients still…

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