Divorce In Denmark: From Speed Dating To Speed Divorce?

Date: December 6th, 2012 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors

Speed dating has become a common and relatively efficient way to shortlist potential new partners.  But in Denmark, it appears that this fast-paced approach to finding a partner, could soon extend to couples working with their divorce solicitors to fast forward through their divorce. In essence, the Danish Government has introduced a proposal that will… Read the full article

Divorce: looking back and looking forward

Date: December 3rd, 2012 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors

Way back in 1986, the National Institutes of Health funded a study of 373 couples aged 25 to 37. Now, in 2012, the study has found 46 per cent of the couples had chosen to divorce. Interestingly however, a significant 71 per cent had found happiness with new partners and 44 per cent had gone… Read the full article

Is An Estranged Spouse Entitled To Your Inheritance?

Date: November 30th, 2012 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors

Henry Brookman provides the answer to a Financial Times’ ‘Wealth Question’ regarding whether an estranged wife has the right share to her husband’s inheritance. Financial Times Wealth Question: “My wife and I have been separated for almost a year, and in that time, my father sadly passed away leaving me a considerable sum of money…. Read the full article

An Arresting Solution When It Comes To Child Maintenance

Date: November 27th, 2012 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors

The enforcement of child maintenance payments has always been a thorny legal issue. It’s a challenge faced by legal systems across the world. Some have gone as far as making non-custodial parents serve jail time for non-payment of maintenance, which has only worsened the financial circumstances of both parties involved: the non-payer suffers loss of… Read the full article

Celebrities – Famous For Prenups And Breakups

Date: November 23rd, 2012 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors

A-lister or a C-lister, movie star or a music idol, no one does prenups better than celebrities – understandable when you consider what can be at stake. Over the course of just a few years, a successful celebrity can amass a huge personal fortune. And that’s without even taking into account future earnings, such as… Read the full article

International Divorce And The Children’s Needs

Date: November 19th, 2012 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors

If you moved abroad with your spouse and subsequently decided to divorce, you would want to know that any court judgement was based on your children’s best interests. In instances where there are conflicting parental views as to where children will reside and with whom, it can be up to a local court to determine… Read the full article

Could a Cohabitation Agreement Protect Unmarried Parents’ Rights?

Date: November 15th, 2012 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors

In the UK, the number of cohabiting couples with children has increased by 34% during the past decade, and is now in line with the percentage of married couples with dependent children. The Myth of the “Common Law Spouse” If a couple splits up, the legal rights of married parents and those in civil partnerships… Read the full article

You Keep the Clubcard Points, I’ll Take the Goldfish

Date: October 25th, 2012 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors

Some divorcing couples are willing to go to almost any lengths to ensure that their divorce settlement includes ‘custody’ of their most cherished possessions. Fair enough, some personal possessions could well have sentimental value – understandably, many people will be reluctant to give up ownership of their pets for example. But here we are talking… Read the full article

The Rules Of Marriage Might Be Changing, But Some Are There For Good Reason

Date: October 23rd, 2012 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors

A controversial new book: ‘The New Rules of Marriage’ by sociologist Catherine Hakim, claims that the British should be more laid back about infidelity, like our near neighbours the French, Italians and Spanish. A ‘playfair’ isn’t cheating (supposedly). . . Hakim, who was educated in France, suggests that long-term exclusivity in relationships turns people into… Read the full article

Why Divorce Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Failure

Date: October 18th, 2012 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors

Today, nearly half of all British marriages end in divorce. However, does this mean they have ‘failed’? Or, have they simply ended ‘successfully’? Till death do us part? In modern society, marriage isn’t the lifelong institution it was just half a century previously. In the past, many marriages that stayed together for ‘life’ did so… Read the full article

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