Will Our Prenup Be Legal If We Use The Same Solicitor?

The courts are much more ready to uphold the terms of a prenuptial agreement now than in the past. But one thing that’s frequently misunderstood…

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What Happens If My Ex Makes Untrue Allegations About My Finances During Divorce?

All kinds of allegations arise in the course of a divorce. But if your ex suggests you aren’t being straight about the assets you own,…

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Am I Restricted To Choosing A Family Solicitor With Offices Near To Me?

Lawyers now take full advantage of technology to provide services to clients nationally and internationally without the need for face-to-face meetings. But frequently clients still…

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Brookman Solicitors Expands Services Following Merger With DMH Stallard

Leading family law firm Brookman Solicitors has today announced its merger with DMH Stallard. Offering a significant range of legal services to both businesses and…

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Parental Alienation – What Can I Do If My Ex Turns My Child Against Me?

What happens if parents are in dispute about the upbringing of a child? If mediation or other forms of dispute resolution fail the courts will…

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What Happens If My Spouse Goes Bankrupt During Divorce?

The bankruptcy process is one way to deal with debt you can’t pay. The assets of a bankrupt come under the control of a ‘trustee…

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What Makes A Prenup Invalid?

Prenuptial agreements play a role in a significant number of divorces in England and Wales. Since the 2010 Supreme Court decision in Radmacher v Granatino…

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Can My Spouse Use A Trust To Reduce My Divorce Settlement?

In simple terms a spouse can’t use a trust vehicle for the sole purpose of reducing the amount he or she pays in a financial…

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Is Arbitration A Reliable Way To Reach A Divorce Settlement?

The backlog in the family court system – exacerbated by the 2020 pandemic – puts divorcing couples in a frustrating position. Our family lawyers can…

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How Do Courts Decide International Child Residence?

When parents live in separate countries, the concept of ‘habitual residence’ is pivotal to where the child will ultimately live. Establishing habitual residence is essential…

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How Do Courts Divide Pensions In Divorce Cases?

The division of intricate pension plans on divorce presents complex issues for divorcing couples, their legal advisors and family court judges. Should couples opt for…

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What If My Spouse Won’t Do What The Divorce Court Orders?

Sometimes obtaining a satisfactory maintenance order or succeeding in getting a valuable financial settlement following your divorce is only part of the story. Even when…

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