Divorce In England And Wales – Your Questions Answered

Brookman provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding divorce in England and Wales. Published in Independent Practitioner. Q1: Is there such thing…

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Prenuptial Agreements – Future Changes In The Law?

Henry Brookman contributes to an article about potential future changes in the law for prenuptial agreements. Published in The Lawyer. It is now being reported…

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Can Social Media Cause Divorce?

Over the last twenty years, communication between people has gone from being relatively private (by letter or phone call) to being very public (such as…

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Could Hong Kong Be The Next Divorce Hotspot?

The Times reports on a recent divorce judgement in Hong Kong that could see future financial settlements in the jurisdiction divided equally. Until last week,…

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Radmacher v Granatino – The Impact On Future Pre-Nups

Talitha Brookman discusses the recent Radmacher v Granatino case and its likely impact on pre-nuptial agreements in the future. Published in Historically in England…

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Are grandparents legally entitled to gain contact with their grandchildren?

We live in stressful times where most parents have to work to support their children. Loving grandparents are a great asset to any family under…

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Getting married later – the impact of careers, cohabitation and costs

Times are changing and the average age that women and men are getting married is increasing in both England and worldwide.   The average age…

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Divorce rates in England and Worldwide

It was reported in National Statistics in 2007 that England and Wales has the fourth highest rate of divorce worldwide with the United Kingdom coming…

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Celebrity marriages: destined to fail?

At the start of this year  The Telegraph reported that UK divorce rates are coming down. Statistics from 2008 show that divorce rates at that…

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Is there a science to predicting who will get divorced?

Without the aid of a crystal ball, no one can be sure if a couple will stay together forever.  However, American journalist Anneli Rufus has…

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Do ‘Quickie Divorces’ Exist?

The term ‘quickie divorce’ is used a lot by the media when celebrities split up, but do quickie divorces actually exist?  For most people in…

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How the changes to bankers’ pay packages could affect divorce settlements.

Henry Brookman and Aziz Malik discuss the issues some bankers will face when dividing their assets during a divorce. Published in Financial News. The recent…

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