Children’s Issues

How Are Grandparents And Other Non-Parents Treated In Family Proceedings?

Usually it’s the parents who ask family courts to decide the living and care arrangements for children when they are unable to agree matters between…

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How Do Family Courts Deal With Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation can be devastating not just for the targeted parent who is being alienated or unjustifiably distanced from their child but critically, for a…

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Child Abduction: How Do Courts Decide Habitual Residence?

When parents come from different parts of the world or have homes in more than one country, it’s sometimes difficult to agree on child arrangements…

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Parental Alienation – What Can I Do If My Ex Turns My Child Against Me?

What happens if parents are in dispute about the upbringing of a child? If mediation or other forms of dispute resolution fail the courts will…

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How Do Courts Decide International Child Residence?

When parents live in separate countries, the concept of ‘habitual residence’ is pivotal to where the child will ultimately live. Establishing habitual residence is essential…

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How does the law protect me and my family against domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse takes many forms. It needn’t result in physical harm and can occur at any stage of a relationship, not just in the context…

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Legal Considerations For Older Parents

An Indian woman has given birth to twins at the age of 74. The new mother has described it as the happiest time of her…

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Can My Spouse Take The Children To A New Location Away From Me?

We understand the fear and panic you may feel if your spouse threatens to move away with your children. You do have legal options available…

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What Is A Mesher Order? 

The family home is often central to financial settlement negotiations during divorce. A Mesher Order is one way the courts and divorcing couples can deal…

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Parental Responsibility And Child Arrangement Orders Explained

When a relationship breaks down and there are children, their future wellbeing will be fundamental to any agreement or court order. Parental responsibility and child…

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Section 8 Orders Explained

When a relationship ends, working out arrangements for children is sometimes one of the most sensitive aspects of the separation to resolve. When a court…

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International Residence Orders – Children Always Come First

Many of the divorces we deal with have an international aspect. The issue of child residence sometimes becomes more complicated when parents live in different…

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