Children’s Issues

Appeal against contact order granted

A father’s fight to maintain contact with his son came a step closer recently, it was revealed in Family Law Week, when he won a…

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Family Court contact order decision criticised

Family Law Week recently commented on an appeal following a case whereby a Family Court judge had failed to address safety concerns regarding a child…

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Couples’ international surrogacy suffers legal delays

As reported in Family Law Week, a commercial surrogacy agreement between an Indian woman and a British couple led to months of delay, until the…

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Judge rules in favour of immigrant father in child custody appeal

A recent case highlighted by The Littlehampton Gazette outlined the unusual instance of a Nigerian illegal immigrant, who is battling for custody of his 15…

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Application for variation of order for return of child dismissed

An interesting case involving an order for the return of a child to his father in The Netherlands was reported recently in Family Law Week.…

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New guidelines detailing controlling or coercive behaviour

The Home Office recently issued guidelines in support of the new Serious Crime Act 2015, which was passed on 3 March last year. The guidelines,…

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Inherent jurisdiction questioned in appeal against High Court order

Family Law Week recently gave details of the dismissal of an appeal by a same sex partner to overturn an order regarding a child who…

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Father Wins Appeal To Stop Child Returning To Australia

A father who wrongfully retained his children who were visiting from Australia for the Christmas holidays was delighted when his appeal against having the children…

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Child Protection Plans On The Rise

Recent statistics released by the Department for Education have revealed a rise in 2015 of the number of UK children who became the subject of…

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Couple vows to amend adoption order legislation

The dangers of speedy adoption proceedings were highlighted in Family Law Week recently, after it was revealed that a couple had been accused of abusing…

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When child maintenance payments are disputed

Brookman appeared in The Independent on Sunday recently, discussing a number of issues surrounding non-payment of child maintenance. “There are a number of reasons why…

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Travelling to South Africa with Children

South Africa has brought in wide-ranging new rules to combat child trafficking across its borders. Unfortunately the effect of these new rules is likely to…

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