Divorce: Pensions A Bigger Part Of the Picture For Older Couples

Private pension pots make up the largest portion of household wealth in the UK. For anyone getting divorced the issue of how to divide the…

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Can I Reduce Payments Under A Financial Order If My Circumstances Change?

Judges who make financial orders in divorce cases (or approve a privately agreed settlement) want the provisions to have finality. Enabling the parties to put…

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Do Courts Divide Assets Equally On Divorce?

The question of how assets are divided on divorce rarely has a precise answer. While there may well be a presumption that assets should be…

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Understanding How No-Fault Divorce Works

No-fault divorce is all about removing the notion of blame from marital breakdown. And following on from that, there’s an expectation that no-fault divorce is…

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Form D81 And Consent Orders: A Guide

Consent orders are a way of cementing the terms of your divorce. If you don’t get a consent order you run the risk of being…

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Using Early Neutral Evaluation To Reach Settlement

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is used widely in all areas of law. In family and divorce ADR methods like mediation and arbitration are commonly used…

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Should Cryptocurrency Be Disclosed Before Financial Settlement?

In 2021 the value of cryptocurrecy reportedly reached $2 trillion. In the same year CNBC reported that 20 million Americans owned some kind of cryptocurrency…

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Can I Keep My Divorce Private?

What level of detail should be disclosed about individual divorce proceedings – including financial remedy proceedings? It’s an issue that has exercised family lawyers and…

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Divorce: Is A Financial Order Always Necessary?

It’s perfectly possible to get divorced – obtain a decree absolute so that your marriage is legally dissolved – without also getting a financial order…

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Can I Take My Children With Me If I Move Abroad After My Divorce?

There are many reasons why you may wish to move abroad following your divorce. You might simply want to return to your home country to…

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Do I Need To Change My Power Of Attorney When I Divorce?

Divorce leads to big changes on a number of fronts. It will involve a complete rearrangement of your financial and personal affairs. Changing bank accounts…

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Divorce: How Do English Courts Secure Overseas Assets?

Many of our clients – or their spouses – have assets located outside the UK such as overseas bank accounts or foreign holiday homes. Sometimes…

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