At Brookman we strive to maintain long, rewarding relationships with all of our clients. Family law often requires the sensitive yet professional handling of delicate matters. Our priority is to ensure that such matters are resolved efficiently, and that our clients' experience of the process is as smooth and worry–free as possible. See feedback from a variety of our valued clients below.

I am writing to say that I spoke to one of your solicitors (Gavin). I want to please commend him on his help and understanding if my situation. Gavin was clear… helpful… And listened to my situation with complete kindness. I wanted to put a review but it’s difficult so I’m hoping this gets to the right person. I thank you Gavin from the bottom of my heart.

‘NR’, (September 2022)

Just a quick note of thanks to you for taking the time out to help me with my problem. Thank you to both youself and Victoria. I have contacted the named solicitor in Paris now and am awaiting reply. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

‘LD’, (August 2022)

“Thank you so much for all your advice and help. And I would definitely highly recommend your services to others.”

‘RM’, (March 2022)

“I must say that the free 1st consultation service is very useful and extremely helpful, especially for someone who is in a similar position like me – just entering the initial stage of the “event” and doesn’t know where to start. It also provides a fantastic opportunity for me to get to know you and your team more. Thank you for offering this service, and of course, for taking your time to explain and to answer my questions. It’s greatly appreciated.”

‘MB’, (April 2021)

“I can’t compare this firm to any other firm as I have never used lawyers before.  What I would say, however, is that all of the dealings I had with Brookman regarding my divorce were efficient and excellent.

This is in sharp contrast with the firm of lawyers my ex-husband chose which seemed to lack communication, didn’t have documents ready when required and seemed very disorganised in my opinion.

Communication regarding my case, knowledge of issues raised and advice given were all outstanding with Brookman.  The level of support during a very difficult and emotional time was excellent. All of the employees with whom I came into contact, the secretaries, the financial team and all of the lawyers were very efficient and professional.

The two lawyers I worked with were Henry Brookman and Jennifer Douglas.

Henry was very knowledgeable, extremely supportive and very efficient and available. I would say that the service I received was outstanding.

Jennifer was a younger, less experienced lawyer but she was also very efficient, knowledgeable and available.  I felt I was able to trust and rely on her to do a good job and she dealt with matters arising quickly and efficiently.”

‘BJ’, (June 2020)

“I am writing to thank you for your work about 19.5yrs ago helping me register for child support in Australia as this claim has only just come to fruition. The Australian Child Support Agency have been tenacious and have taken the father to court but he successfully defended himself by structuring all his finances jointly with his partner. As a New Zealander living in Australia for 30yrs+ he is now seeking citizenship and I presume that is why the very first cheque has finally arrived, to remove defaults from his record.

At the time, as a single parent with a sick baby, feeling vulnerable, your clear and calm support helped me enormously… You also helped retrieve funds from him when he was apprehended factoring money…  It has been a long wait of two decades, thank you again.”

‘LJ’, Australia (June 2020)

“I would like to thank your firm and especially Lorraine for the detailed phone discussion and all the useful information provided by her.”

‘RN’, London (April 2020)

“Struggling with overseas divorce, Henry was clear and concise in his recommendations. He even recommended a Melbourne based lawyer and fully briefed them… excellent.”

‘DJ’, London (Dec 2019)

“My dealings with Julius Brookman and other people were all very positive. It made a difficult process & time a lot easier to deal with, thank you.”

‘BA’, Australia (March 2019)

“Was very helpful throughout and patient with my occasional ideas which weren’t always that clever!”

‘WE’, London (March 2019)

“I really appreciate your thoughtful and considered advice, you’d be my first port of call if/when the need arises.”

‘WC’, London (March 2019)

“To everybody at Brookmans. Thank you so much for finally getting my divorce through. I am delighted that it is all over and thrilled with the outcome. Thank you Henry in particular for rescuing my sanity under intense enemy fire.”

See this client’s original thank you note here.

‘MK’, London