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Music mogul files for US divorce from behind bars

Date: May 17th, 2016 - Written by: Brookman Solicitors



Three times married music producer Phil Spector has filed for what will probably be his last divorce, from behind bars in a California state prison, says MailOnline.

The 76 year old, who was previously married to Annette Merar of Spector’s Three and Ronnie Bennett of the Ronettes, went on to marry wife number three, Rachelle, ten years ago. Only one month after the wedding, he was found guilty of the second degree murder of actress Lana Clarkson at his Californian mansion and in 2009 he was sentenced to serve 19 years to life in prison. Since he will be at least 88 by the time he is released, it may be unlikely that he will ever experience life on the outside again.

40 year old Miss Clarkson was shot in the head at Spector’s home in 2007 with his defence team claiming that she had in fact killed herself after becoming distraught by her flagging career. The first jury was unable to come to a decision but in 2009, a second jury found him guilty.

Since being incarcerated, Spector has become concerned about the seemingly large amounts of his money being spent by 35 year old Rachelle. Although she insists that she has spent several thousands of dollars from his $35 million estate on his medical and dental bills, he has revealed that she is giving him a regular allowance of only $300 a month.

In the meantime, he says he has been told that his wife has splashed out on a number of luxury items including two homes for her mother, expensive jewellery, a Ferrari and an Aston Martin. It is claimed that she also recently spent $350,000 on an aircraft as she has a pilot’s licence, although she insists that this purchase was made so that she could visit her husband in prison more easily.

Spector has subsequently filed for divorce and asked that his daughter, Nicole Audrey Spector, whose mother was Spector’s former assistant, be placed in charge of his financial affairs in the interim.




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