Divorce And Family Law In Cyprus

Divorce is on the rise in Cyprus and there are calls for reform to make it more efficient. At present there is a fault-based system and the church retains some influence.  Cyprus is also a popular destination for British citizens to marry.

Divorce in Cyprus

A petitioner must rely on one or more of a number of grounds to demonstrate the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. These include inexcusable absence and the refusal of one spouse to have children. If spouses have been ‘continuously estranged’ for more than four years it’s not necessary to prove irretrievable breakdown.

A petition following a civil marriage may be presented at any time provided one spouse has been resident in Cyprus for at least 3 months. If there was a religious marriage the petitioner must inform a bishop of the grounds for divorce and wait three months from this notification before issuing the petition.

Although the Cypriot courts can make interim orders in relation to property and the family home while the divorce is ongoing, for the substantive resolution of disputes it’s necessary to issue separate applications. The courts only have power to divide property that was acquired jointly after the marriage.

In relation to child arrangements, direct relatives as well as parents are permitted to make applications to the court.

We are specialist divorce lawyers and family solicitors and we advise clients who have a connection with Cyprus. Our clients can include those who are UK–based but originate from Cyprus, are living in Cyprus but have a connection with England or Wales, were married in Cyprus, or have other family connections with Cyprus.

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“After 5 years of getting nowhere with my divorce and the ‘help’ of a provincial family lawyer, I contacted Brookman Solicitors in London. It was the best decision I made regarding my divorce. They are a very professional firm, yet never lose sight of their clients’ emotions and turmoil which a divorce brings along.

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Simon Rogerson 12/08/2019

I wanted to say a big thanks to Henry Bookman and his colleagues for all their help and guidance during my divorce - a long a complicated one. The team were all brilliant. I loved the fact that Henry was happy to explore possibilities and search for solutions. I also feel that on occasions he gave hope when things were against me. All told a great coach who was ready with pearls of wisdom when I needed it.

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I would strongly recommend this firm. I had the opportunity to discuss my case thoroughly with Mr Bookman. But before the initial consultation, I had a telephone conversation with a legal assistant who took most of the details down, so that my initial consultation was to the point I appreciate the advice given by Mr Bookman and think it a humble approach that the initial consultation is FREE and carried by the most senior member of the firm and not by a junior staff like it happens in other firms.

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Aziz Malik. Unbelievably good. Fantastic advice and was able to manage my difficult family law case to a superb outcome. Highly recommended.

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I did a consultation with Henry and I highly recommend him. He took the time to understand my situation, checked that he had all the information he needed and once he realized he was not the best person for my case, he recommended another lawyer in another country who could help. Unlike other lawyers I've worked with previously, he was extremely honest, transparent and generous with his time.

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The professionalism and speed at which Mr Henry responded to the initial enquiry was remarkable and the advice provided was detailed and clear.