Divorce And Family Law In Latvia

If the spouses agree, a public notary can dissolve a marriage and grant a divorce. The procedure is straightforward, fast and inexpensive. But parties must agree all issues, including child arrangements, finances and division of joint property before the notary will grant a divorce.

If there is no agreement the parties may have no choice but to use the more cumbersome local family court procedure. As far as the financial settlement is concerned, the courts will apply the Civil Code rules. This means any property acquired before the marriage and any property acquired solely during the marriage is retained by the spouse who acquired it. It is up to the spouse claiming particular property should be treated as separate to prove that it was obtained by him or her alone.

Courts will also give effect to the terms of any marriage contract signed in anticipation of marriage (i.e. prenuptial agreements).

We are specialist divorce solicitors and family lawyers and we advise clients who have a connection with Latvia. Our clients can include those who are UK–based but originate from Latvia, are living in Latvia but have a connection with England or Wales, were married in Latvia, or have other family connections with Latvia.

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‘JC’, Romania

“When I sought Julius’ help I was confused, angry and had no idea how to respond to a court summons issued against me in Romania. Julius was calm, clear and extremely helpful. He kept me updated on what I needed to do.

He was also very clear from the very beginning about the costs, and about the options that were available to me.

I very much appreciate his help and guidance in resolving this matter.”