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During divorce, specialist legal advice is essential to ensure UK citizens based in France and French people living in London and other parts of the UK reach comprehensive settlements on finances, property and arrangements for children. Your circumstances may include:

  • Being a French resident in England and Wales or the spouse of a French resident who lives in England and Wales
  • You are English but living in France
  • You were married in France
  • You or your spouse has other family connections with France

How Can A Solicitor Help Secure Your Divorce In France Or England?

There are key differences in the way French and English courts approach divorce settlements. And this could significantly affect the amount one spouse ultimately receives. Different considerations might also apply to children. And this may dictate where they reside following a divorce.

As a result it’s at the very beginning of your Anglo-French divorce that you must make the most important tactical decision: where should the case be heard? In France or England?

An English or French couple based in either country can legitimately seek a divorce in both jurisdictions. But as English courts are known for being more generous to financially weaker spouses, there may be a dispute about where to seek a divorce.

Where more than one country can grant the divorce it’s the court that receives notification first that will decide matters. Sometimes there is a scramble to lodge the divorce petition in the country of choice before the other spouse has a chance to lodge his or her own petition. At Brookman we are able to act with the urgency required to ensure, where possible, you secure the best forum to determine your settlement.

Our Legal Services For French/UK Divorce

In addition to helping you decide the best place to divorce, Brookman can advise on the following:

  • How any financial settlement will be reached – whether through mediation, informal negotiation or a court hearing
  • French legal procedure, including the newly introduced out of court divorce process in France
  • Whether the court will recognise a pre nuptial agreement in relation to French or UK property
  • What financial information you need to disclose

Child Arrangements And Anglo French Divorce

France is a member of the Hague Convention on the International Abduction of Children.

At Brookman we have a great deal of experience in advising on Hague Convention issues. For example, we recently successfully defeated an application under the Hague Convention made by a French National in relation to a child and mother who had returned to the UK.  We have extensive experience in dealing with child relocation issues following divorce in France and the UK and have access to efficient representatives in France.

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At Brookman we are specialist divorce lawyers and family solicitors. We have advised numerous clients who are either UK–based but originate from France, or are living in France but have a connection with England or Wales.

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I am so grateful to Mr Brookman and the team for having helped me start a new life. I don’t believe that any other professional of such experience and reputation would have been involved with the dedication and knowledge as evident on my case – I was delighted with the outcome.

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I am very thankful to Mr Henry Brookman for his time, understanding and advice. I would highly recommend this firm.

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Henry Brookman listened carefully and provided clear, thoughtful, sound advice that took into account the complexity of my situation. All of my dealings with the firm were handled with sensitivity and respect. I would definitely recommend the services of Brookman Solicitors.

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I’ve dealt with Mr. Brookman himself and he is very peasant to work with. Listens to your demands and is very helpful in terms of providing advice.

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Mr Brookman is very professional and helpful. After my initial consultation I have more clarity and understanding into my situation. I would highly recommend this firm.

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VERY PROFESSIONAL . My initial telephone contact to this firm was handled very professionally. First impressions really do matter. The details of my enquiry were taken and I soon became eased to believe that I being listened to and relevant details were being noted. My subsequent initial assessment interview was just as thorough and professional, consistent with my previous experience. Choosing a solicitor to act on your behalf is a very important consideration. Although my case is still on going, I have every confidence and peace of mind that I will be concluded well.