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What Happens If Our House Value Changes During Divorce?

Whether you are attempting to negotiate a financial settlement voluntarily or you are embarking on legal proceedings to secure a divorce settlement, there’ll always be…

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Can English Courts Give Me Maintenance If I Divorce In Scotland?

Rules about where a couple lives during a marriage as well as EU divorce regulations mean that estranged husbands and wives often have a choice…

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How does the law protect me and my family against domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse takes many forms. It needn’t result in physical harm and can occur at any stage of a relationship, not just in the context…

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How Can I Best Deal With A Difficult Spouse During Divorce?

It’s not uncommon for one spouse to behave badly during the divorce process. The end of a marriage awakens all kinds of emotions and can…

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Can My Partner Claim More In Divorce If They Gave Up Their Career?

It comes as a surprise to many of our clients going through divorce that there’s no set formula to apply when calculating financial settlements. Yes,…

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Continuing Our Services During the Pandemic

We would like to reassure our clients that we are able operate with minimal disruption for the duration of the pandemic. Since becoming paperless a…

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What Are The Questions I Should Ask My Divorce Lawyer When I Meet Them?

It’s not unusual for clients to be unsettled when they meet their divorce lawyer for the first time. And in much the same way that…

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Will Cohabiting With My New Partner Affect My Divorce?

Getting your divorce finalised – together with any financial settlement –takes time. Particularly at present with the family courts under pressure as never before. It’s…

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What Happens If My Partner Doesn’t Disclose All Assets During Divorce?

Disclosure of assets is fundamental to financial remedy proceedings. How can the court decide on the correct settlement if it only has half the picture?…

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Counting The Cost Of Divorce

Sometimes the divorce cases we read about in the media and in law reports teach us about more than the strict legalities of divorce law.…

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Family Courts: How Late Can I Introduce Evidence About Finances And Housing Needs?

When a divorcing couple can’t reach a financial settlement themselves they must instead rely on the family courts to make a final decision on the…

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Cohabiting Mixed-Sex Couples: A Guide To Civil Partnerships

The organisation that campaigns for family law reform, Resolution, has just held a Cohabitation Awareness Week aimed at highlighting the need for basic changes in…

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