On this page we have published the Google reviews we have received from our past clients. The reviews are from clients we have served from our Central London office and our offices in Richmond, Horsham, Brighton, Guildford and Portsmouth.


Tracy Henin

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Henry Brookman, and I can't recommend him highly enough. From the very beginning, Henry was calm, informative, and made what could have been an overwhelming situation feel manageable. He provided clear, thoughtful advice without any pressure to use Brookman. Just some good solid advice.

Henry listened carefully to my circumstances, offered practical solutions, and explained the steps I need to take in a way that was easy to understand. His approach was genuinely helpful and empathetic, making a challenging time much easier to navigate.

Thank you, Henry.


Rebecca Lowe

They were quick to respond and organise a consultation regarding my divorce proceedings. Henry was very knowledable and personable and the advice given really gave me the clarity I needed in an uncertain situation.


Wahaj Jamil

I vividly remember the first time I contacted the firm since I had no options left. Knowing absolutely nothing about the legalities surrounding family law, I found myself facing a divorce. From the get go they were hands on, giving me advice which was truly sincere and for my best interest.
From my initial correspondence and first free consultation with Talitha Brookman, she was absolutely amazing. When she left the firm, she handed me over to extremely capable, thorough and knowledgeable Philip Morton (Phil), who saw me through for the remainder of the proceedings, while Gavin Yeung continued to play an extremely important supporting role throughout. Every step of the way the team were spot on with their advise and their recommendations for the counsels. They were empathetic and supported me at times even when I couldn't take the pressure.

The firm and the team (a number of other professionals within the team who worked on the case periodically) stuck by me through an extremely complex divorce case, even when most firms, I would imagine, would have been unable to continue, they firmly stood behind me.

I highly recommend the firm and Phil, who, from what I have experienced, will guide appropriately and endeavour for the best outcome for their client. The key is to trust the advise and the experience behind it.

I do not wish the situation I was in on anyone, but somehow if you do find yourself in this difficult position, these are the people / team you can trust completely.


James Griffiths

Philip Morton provided exceptional service - highly pragmatic advice covering both legal and personal elements; foresight into mitigating future potential issues; extremely efficient communicator with huge amounts of value in very little time; plus a personable and reassuring manner. Couldn't recommend highly enough.


Zoe England

This was an excellent experience. I received detailed, clear guidance as to the most appropriate next steps, what each step might achieve and the prospect of success. I received follow up written details which assisted me to form a view as to how best to proceed. Brookmans were highly professional, demonstrated detailed knowledge of the legal issues, and were approachable and easy to understand.


Dan Purnell

Really great support and advice from Samantha. Would strongly recommend the services.


Javier Conde

I was extremely lucky to get advice from Dmh stallard - Brookman's Samantha Jago. She not only handled extremely sensitive matters with care and empathy, but also provided extremely realistic, fact-based, truly focused advice. Grateful does not start to describe it. Thanks Samantha.


Sonia Accardi

I had applied for a free consultation and I was contacted in a very short timeframe. Thank you so much for the insightful and thorough consultation, Kevin Danagher. You made me feel at ease and you provided clear expectations with the initial info I had provided. Your honesty regarding potential costs and suggestion to explore local alternatives (out of central London) due to my personal financial situation, demonstrated your commitment to my best interests. I have now a much better understanding on my query.


Leonardo Guzman

Jennifer was very helpful answering all of our legal questions and very proactive suggesting to follow up with our process closely.


Duncan Seekings

Very quick to respond, and Henry took the time out to quickly and expertly advise me on complicated matters of international law in an easily understandable way. Thank you Victoria and Henry for your professionalism and help.


Christine Bates

I highly recommend Jennifer Douglas as a divorce solicitor who gave me invaluable advice and representation over a 3 and 1/2 year period. Her international expertise and recommendations for barristers and financial expert advice were most helpful. She is professional, knowledgeable and kind. Thank you for everything, Jennifer!


Nahid Toubia

I am judicious in investing my time in reviews. Saying that Amelia Groom is very good would be an understatement. She is clearly an intelligent, well-informed, honest and experienced solicitor. She listened carefully, reflected on the specifics of my case and was able to come up with options and potential actions that will be in my favour. Her knowledge of the rules around financial settlements in divorce/civil partnership dissolution were truly impressive.

She was thorough, attentive to details and informative on what a Judge or Barrister may consider guided by the law. I say MAY because she made it clear that the legal limitations on judges - as well as the variables in a case - and how he/she may consider them are not guaranteed. I had spoken to two other solicitors and communicated by email with a third. Their advise was more generic and vague without going into the depth that Amelia did. I only had my initial free review with Amelia yet I already feel much more strengthened in my legal and financial position. I am currently reflecting on the steps I want to take to negotiate my desired outcome of the financial settlement but, when I am ready to use the services of a lawyer, Amelia is definitely the top on my list.


Gary Hawes

I had a zoom consultation with Lauren Moir and she was incredible. Very patient, insightful and reassuring. She also advised me based on my previous conversations with another firm and also clarified various positions I am in. Highly recommend.


Sherie Szumniak

I recently had a zoom meeting with Talitha Brookman of Brookman solicitors, re my upcoming divorce.

I was very impressed with her professionalism and in-depth legal knowledge of my case, and the positive advice I was presented with.

We over ran time wise and at no point did I feel rushed ,on the contrary, Talitha didn’t let me go until she felt I had all my questions satisfactorily answered.

I had received very negative advice previously, so talking to Talitha, gave me a whole new perspective on my case, and that it wasn’t a lost cause, quite the contrary.

I have no hesitation in recommending Talitha and her team, and wish I had met her sooner.

I look forward to working together with her in the future.

Note: the first advice is not always the best advice. Keep looking if your not happy with what your being advised. You will know when you meet the right person. They will have your best interests at heart, but also the in-depth legal knowledge to back that up,as I have found in Talitha.

I now feel confident to proceed, in the knowledge I have a solid legal advisor by my side.


Luke Taylor

Spoke to a kind solicitor this morning who took an hour of her time to talk me through some advice relating to a difficult separation. Before speaking with her I felt lost and overwhelmed with the difficult path ahead of me. She was clear and helpful with her advice, leaving me feeling much more confident with the process ahead of me.

I’m so grateful for her time and guidance, and although I hope to never need representation, I’ll have the companies number listed in my favourites should I need to.

Thank you so very much.


Ximena Betancourt

From our initial consultation, Gavin Yeung demonstrated a profound understanding of family law, offering incredibly insightful advice tailored to my unique circumstances. He took the time to listen to me attentively, ensuring he comprehended the intricacies of my situation and provided the best advice to achieve the best possible outcome. His empathetic approach created a safe space for me to share my concerns and fears, making the divorce process much more manageable. I am incredibly grateful to have had him by my side throughout this journey, and I wholeheartedly endorse him for his outstanding legal services. Thank you Gavin!!!


Julian Anthony

Mr Brookman provided very clear advice that left me with no doubt about the options and next steps. Getting specific advice with the requirements in the different jurisdictions was particularly useful so I won’t need to consult another lawyer outside of the UK


seamus mcguinness

From initial contact I found all staff extremely helpful and professional. My options were made clear, my query was dealt with in a sympathetic way.

Would highly recommend Brookman Solicitors.


Andrew Steele

My wife and I recently decided to divorce after many years of marriage. Whilst this process is very traumatic for both parties. I was in the fortunate position to work with Samantha Jago. Samantha is a very experienced and amiable solicitor at Brookman Solicitors, she is very professional and communicated effectively, clearly and honestly to provide a very comprehensive and detailed understanding of what I should expect during the divorce process. Samantha's professionalism, knowledge and helpfulness put me at ease and I knew I was in great hands from the start. I would strongly recommend Samantha to my family and friends if ever they were in need of a solicitor.


Matthew Bridgwater

From the outset I was speaking to a senior lawyer .. (not someone who needed to eg 'check the case law' or 'ask around the office'), who very quickly gave me an unambiguous opinion, putting my mind as at rest as is possible under the circumstances.


Andrew Steele

My wife and I recently decided to divorce after many years of marriage. Whilst this process is very traumatic for both parties. I was in the fortunate position to work with Samantha Jago. Samantha is a very experienced and amiable solicitor at Brookman Solicitors, she is very professional and communicated effectively, clearly and honestly to provide a very comprehensive and detailed understanding of what I should expect during the divorce process. Samantha's professionalism, knowledge and helpfulness put me at ease and I knew I was in great hands from the start. I would strongly recommend Samantha to my family and friends if ever they were in need of a solicitor.



I would highly recommend them. I found them professional efficient and a friendly team to deal with. Natasha was a pleasure to deal with steering me through the process in an efficient and professional manner.


Nicholas Foley

A firm I would definitely use again. Kevin was really helpful and had a good understanding of my situation and was able to guide me according to the laws that applied to me. Highly recommended.


Wolfy Masha

Ms Talitha Brookman is probably one of the nicest, most professional, and experienced solicitors that I have ever consulted. Her personal, honest and friendly approach to my situation was down to earth and easy to understand while offering a clear direction with realistic expectations. I cannot recommend Brookman Solicitors highly enough, in particularly if you are in a complex situation that has an international element. I've had quite a bit of experience consulting solicitors at home and abroad after having gone through years of litigation with my divorce and wish that I had known about this firm sooner.


Kimberley Noakes

From first contacting Brookmans the firm's communication has been timely and efficient, very welcome following the many solicitors who have not responded to my initial enquiries due to the complexity of my legal issue (enforcing a court order abroad). The initial consultation I have just completed with Henry Brookman was very informative; he was very open and honest about my situation, the legalities of the matter and the extent of how his firm could help. He was also very upfront about the expected costs of the various options I could pursue and I feel very satisfied with the service I have received. Although I am unlikely to pursue the enforcement with Brookmans themselves (due to the unlikelyhood of a result) I would recommend Brookmans to those looking for support with divorce proceedings.


Ian W

I recently discussed an international family matter with Henry Brookman. It was a very constructive meeting and it was very clear Henry understood my situation and the complexity of the circumstances. Whilst the conclusion of our meeting was that no current action is required, it is incredibly reassuring to now know who to turn to should the situation change. Based on my experience, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.



Living in France and needing assistance and advice on a British legal matter, I was so grateful to be able to discuss it with Henry and benefit from his expertise. He gave me very kind and considered advice and explained everything very succinctly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone as solicitors can sometimes be a bit intimidating, but Henry was extremely kind and straightforward. Thankyou, Henry.


Kim Hodgins

Phil Morton is a highly effective and knowledgeable family law solicitor who assisted and advised me in relation to the settlement of a contentious family law matter. Would highly recommend him and the Barristers he works with.


Ben Price

Phil Morton and the team at Brookman/DMH Stallard provide excellent family law advice. I can not recommend them highly enough. They assisted me to amicably conclude my divorce proceedings to the satisfaction of both parties and perhaps most importantly allowed me and my ex wife to support our children and protect them throughout the process.


Tim Sayer

I recently had a consultation with Natasha Slabas at Brookman Solicitors. I was extremely impressed with the time and care she took in understanding my situation and in providing very detailed and considered advice. I felt reassured that the quality of her experience and expertise was extremely high and the speed at which she assimilated and understood the details of my situation was highly impressive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Natasha to anyone facing a situation that required legal assistance in the domain of family law, no matter how desperate or complex the situation seems. I came across Natasha by chance, and I am incredibly thankful that I did.


Chris Dawson

I received a free consultation with Henry Brookman via Zoom. He was very through and explained my options clearly and concisely. He provided food for thought. I would recommend Brookman Solicitors.


Sally-Ann Marchan

From the prompt response to my request for a consultation regarding the process of separation/divorce - to my initial phone consultation with Natasha Slabas - I was impressed with Brookmans professional duty of care.

The consultation afforded me detailed advice regarding legal + financial requirements in the process. Furthermore - Ms Slabas followed our discussion with a comprehensive written account - which enables me to digest her advice.

Therefore, I am most grateful to Brookmans and Ms Slabas in particular for their consideration in offering me this initial consultation - which was gratis.

In following through with the process - I will be confident to appoint Brookmans + will certainly recommend their Practice.


Haider Makia

I needed advice regarding family law, Brookman arranged an initial consultation with Mr Aziz Malik, which lasted over an hour and was free of charge. I found Aziz to be very friendly and approachable. He gave me his undivided attention over the length of the meeting. He was very knowledgeable and experienced in all the topics we discussed and found his approach to be practical. He gave me all the advice that I asked for and I came out much more confident going forward.



Today I had my free initial consultation with partner Henry Brookman over the phone. He had a clear understanding of my situation based on the info I provided in advance and provided me with sound advice and guidance to move forward. Many thanks.


Louise Conway

Getting a divorce is a very vulnerable time. Joanna Potbury was brilliant at navigating me through the process. She is very empathetic and very understanding whilst working to obtain the best outcome for you. I have recommended Joanna to others who have also been delighted with her work.


Vicky Harvey

Phil and Jo were absolutely amazing in coming to my legal aid and supporting me throughout the whole legal and court process. Great continued communication and a caring compassionate approach, I really felt looked after as their client. Can’t recommend DMH Stallard (Brookman Solicitors) highly enough. Thank you so very much.


Berry Ilunga

I am extremely happy with the service I received from Brookman and specially Gavin Yeung who did an extremely good job in a record time and at a very good price. Advice and strategies used for my divorce were correct and I could not be more happier with the service. I would greatly recommend this law firm.



Really appreciated Brookmans advice and support. Most lawyers charge extortionate fees just for an initial conversation but not Henry. Thanks for all your advice and time.


Michael P

I had a consultation with the partner Henry Brookman. I can absolutely recommend him, he seemed knowledgeable, up to date and patient. I have found him to be straightforward in the answers he gives and down to earth. 100% recommended.


Trevor Moore

Gavin Yeung was very helpful and put my mind at rest regarding pending divorce proceedings. Would recommend Brookmans for their expertise and professionalism.


Philip Hands

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Henry Brookman. His advice came in promptly when solicited, and was excellent. He is a thoughtful and very professional lawyer. He understood perfectly well the issue I presented him with, and gave me excellent advice in a family law related matter.


Julian Peachey

From my first contact with the firm I was treated courteously and promptly. I was offered a pro bono meeting shortly after making contact. Mr Brookman is clearly a very experienced professional and in our meeting he gave me some well considered and objective advice about my rather complicated situation which spans more than one jurisdiction. This advice has given me a lot of clarity in terms of my financial obligations from a legal perspective, and was extremely helpful.


Tina Berry

Henry and his team are really professional, caring and have made me feel at ease straight from the start. They have talked things through in what i can only describe as a professional caring manner and am so grateful to them. Would highly recommend and feel lucky to have come across them and grateful for their help.


Arif Fayyaz

Kevin Danagher was the most approachable and empathetic lawyer I have ever worked with. On top of this he was very technical and always presented information to me in a logical and structured format which enabled us to make decisions very quickly. Worth every penny.


'K M'

I had a free telephone consultation yesterday with Gavin Yeung. He could not have been more helpful and reassuring as he calmly and patiently worked through my situation to provide me with clarity and piece of mind at a time it was really needed and emotions are running high. Gavin could not have had more time for me and I would not hesitate to instruct him should I require further advice or representation.


Theo Gerber

Natasha’s ability to understand the whole picture presented to her, with such a clear and concise approach, I found extremely comforting. Knowing what options are available and how to guide you accordingly. Definitely want her on my side!



I spoke with Aziz at Brookman Solicitors on the phone for an initial consultation and he is one of the friendliest lawyers I have met. He is clearly very experienced as he patiently explained me all the concepts and processes which are quite daunting for someone in my situation, and then focused on the actual questions I wanted to ask. Most importantly, he gave me his honest opinions on the matter, even if it means he might not get immediate business from me - I appreciate this hugely as there are so many lawyers who uses the initial consultation as a sales pitch and pushes the client to make hard choices without the time to properly think in order to secure their business. I would highly recommend Aziz and Brookman Solicitors.


Alison McIntyre

Gavin Yeung was very impressive: well prepared with an excellent grasp of a complex international situation. Highly recommended!


Chris Dulewicz

From our first call, Henry took time to listen to the facts and empathised with my position. He was always there to predict the best approach and helped me to make the right choices at each stage. He should be very proud of the Brookman family name.

Lorraine was my absolute rock! Her dedication to my case, conscientiousness and level of detail she demonstrated was first class. I really appreciated the support, openness and informality of the way she handled things.


Stephanie Daul

Aziz was professional, kind, patient, and very understanding when assisting me with my matter. I really appreciated his flexibility and willingness to work around a particularly challenging scenario. Highly recommend for legal advice.


Sezim Beksultanova

I am grateful for Henry Brookman and his team for support they provided to me during very frustrating time of divorce. They respond promptly to any request. I felt more confident after I started the process with them. Henry listened carefully to me and took quick actions on my case. I highly recommend this team of real professionals even for non-UK citizens.


Cathrina Jane Xavier

Ms. Natasha was very helpful and supportive and provided very professional and unbiased advise. I have no doubt that she is very competent and knowledgeable at her job and would've provided me with the best support and help I needed.


Shirley Christopher

I had online consultation with the partner Henry Brookman today. I was very happy with the service. I found him to be very insightful, knowledgeable and provided sound advice, as well as being kind and patient. It was a very comfortable discussion and he sent an email detailing our discussion very quickly discussing in our meeting in depth. I am amazed by the service we got just from a free consultation. I would highly recommend these solicitors!


Quenten D'souza

I reached out to Brookman Solicitors to guide me through the legal divorce process. I was assigned an Associate (Gavin Yeung). Gavin walked me through the process and advised and guided me well. He was very clear and professional and also always on time with his responses. Yes, it cost a little more but for the quality, professionalism and timely responses and guidance, it was worth it. Brookman is a very professional outfit and I am thankful I found them and picked them.



I had online consultation with the partner Henry Brookman today. I was very happy with the service, he was very kind and patient with our queries. We spoke at length and at no point felt like he was rushing us and we felt very comfortable. After our discussion we were also quickly sent an email detailing everything we were discussing in our meeting in depth. I am amazed by the service we got just from a free consultation. I would highly recommend these solicitors!


Nick Powell

I was fortunate to spend an hour running through a few questions with Natasha Slabas. She was quick to grasp the points raised and proposed a sensible way forward. Would recommend


Mary Barn

I cannot praise the professionalism and courtesy too highly. The advice given in a very complex divorce matter, was clear, concise, enlightening and inspiring.



Henry Brookman manages to combine expert professionalism with genuine empathy; it is for this reason that I sought his assistance and would do so every time.



I contacted Henry Brookman because of the complex international aspect of my divorce and I’m very glad I did. I was very confused about the whole situation as a divorce in itself already is. However, not having UK nationality, having assets abroad and a foreign prenup made it all the more confusing. Henry took his time explaining all the pro’s and contra’s of both divorce procedures. I now have a much clearer view over the situation and feel more confident going forward. I’m very grateful for the excellent advice I’ve received and not feeling rushed during the meeting. Thank you Henry!


Anu Vidyarthi

Talitha offers sound advice, asks the right questions and advises you with what you need to know not just what you want to hear. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.


Sandeep Cina

Henry took the time to go through all the details of my separation thoroughly. He was very clear on what my options were and what I needed to do to have a seamless agreement with my ex. Thank you for all your help!


Richard Doyle

Talitha provided a free consultation and could not have been more helpful. Her guidance was pragmatic and she managed my expectations both on costs and the process. Talitha offered practical advice to find a solution that could avoid going to court. Should I need to instruct a lawyer, then I will have no hesitation engaging the services of Brookman.


Mrs. M. Merchant

I had an initial chat with Kevin, the senior associate. Extra ordinary talent to convince parties, very intelligent and I was wonderstuck at his brilliant knowledge of family law. Yes please use his services for peace of mind. You will be in the best of hands. Extremely grateful Kevin for your guidance. Shall look forward to working with you soon.



False accusations to facilitate the abduction of his two year old daughter to a foreign country led to our son seeking a divorce. Thanks to the quick action of Jennifer Douglas divorce proceedings were instigated in London. Even so, it took almost three complicated years to progress to a Decree Absolute but throughout that time Aziz Malik was supportive, knowledgeable and professional. Aziz made an enormous difference to our family's confidence that all could eventually be resolved, which it was.



I'm very content with the service Brookman Solicitors provided. Many solicitor offices provide free initial consultation which is usually for 20minutes, and usually it is with a secretary and any questions I have about the divorce, the answers were usually have to be discussed with their solicitors charge per hour. Here, however, I had an initial phone meeting with Michelle, who works for Brookman and she noted my details and rearranged the meeting with Ms. Talitha Brookman for the first one hour meeting for free and any questions during the consultation were answered professionally. She was very clear and objective about my situation and diagnosed what's best for me and what I am entitled to. I felt anxious before the Brookman service and not sure about whether i would meet the right one for my divorce in UK, but I am now more relaxed. thank you!


Jeremy Hartnell

Very informative and professional


Ab Ab

I had a video consultation and emails correspondence with Mr. Brookman to decide what jurisdiction (England or the country of my marriage) should I start the divorce. It is a pleasure to meet a professional that is aware of financial schemes the husbands should use to hide money from the wives and I expect to collaborate with his firm.


Amal Soliman

Mr Kevin Danagher has been so professional and helpful. He is a very good listener and was able to give valuable advice in a very complex case. I am very happy with the service, which put me at ease.


'A Non'

As emotional and stressful as one’s first divorce is, I can not emphasize enough how much a consultation with Talitha Brookman helped provide clarity and structure to the unknown world of divorce. Talitha’s interpersonal skills immediately puts one at ease and you have a sense that you are being listened to and that Brookmans will work with you to find a solution that suits your requirements. The process was explained and summarized in writing so that absolute clarity is availed and the future steps outlined so that approach, cost and process are demystified. While I am still at the beginning of the process I feel much better equipped to face the impending journey armed with the knowledge that was imparted to me and knowing that Brookmans is an option that I could use to help support my requirements. Thank you Talitha.


Marsha el-Hage

I have spent a hard fought 3 years working with Talitha Brookman as my lawyer in a very complicated and international divorce. I can not speak highly enough of her and her team. They were there every step of the way for me and I really couldn’t have done it without them. Talitha was professional yet kind and caring, making one of the hardest experiences of my life as easy as possible, under the circumstances. I never thought that I would finish this process considering my lawyers friends, but I do. I would definitely give this firm a resounding 10 out of 10! Thank you.


Martin Byrne

I have nothing but positive feedback about this firm. Like many people I went through a separation last year which wasn't because of lockdown but was during that period. I, like most people, did a lot of research into firms and contacted numerous. Lorraine Imms from Brookman was absolutely brilliant. She contacted me back and talked me through things (not the standard call back from a receptionist to book an appointment). Her knowledge is exceptional and she has kept me informed through ever step of the separation. My case was a little different where I wasn't married but children were involved. Directly because of her actions and advice I have ended up in a much better position financially with my property and even with the access to my children. I am dealing with 4 solicitors at the moment for various things and without a doubt Brookman are the best. It isn't even close. I'd give ten stars if I could! Lorraine should be proud of herself and Brookman should know what a brilliant person they have representing their firm.


Brian Dittman

Going through a divorce is hard enough, doing it when one is from a different country is extremely trying. But, with the help of Mr. Brookman and his advice, especially his patience, I feel a bit more secure and in a better state of mind. Thank you.


Sahan Amer

Thanks for the great consultation and advise.


Stanka Wixted

I have been recommended Brookman solicitors by one of my friends and I am happy I went with the recommendation. I am dealing with Mr Brookman and he is making the situation very smooth and calm, and I can't wait until all would be over.


Bruna Cordeiro Pezzano

Myself and my mother had a free video consultation with Mr. Brookman regarding my mother's divorce and were both impressed with his knowledge on divorce matters, professionalism and understanding. Henry then followed up with us with a clear plan of what he suggests we do of which has put my mother's mind at ease and given her confidence that Henry has her best interests. Henry was very patient with the language barrier too. We look forward to working with Brookman Solicitors and would strongly recommend!


Ali Gee

My experience of Mr Brookman was positive and he offered practical advice. I would recommend him if you need a good family lawyer.



I had a consultation with Mr. Brookman and was impressed with his honesty, knowledge and understanding of my situation. He seemed to take a genuine interest in my case ,which immediately put me at ease.He was well versed in international judiciary proceedings which was very impressive. Mr.Brookman took the time to answer all my queries and gave me sound, honest advice. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his firm.


Youssef Hammoud

Had a free initial consultation, and unlike any other firms I approached so far, am quite impressed with the service received.


Rania Brahim

Brookman is an excellent firm in every possible way. Incredibly organised, efficient, communicative and knowledgeable. My lawyer Mr. Aziz Malek, Associate Partner went above and beyond to make my case peaceful, kind empathetic with extremely high standards of knowledge of especially International Law, as my case was quiet complex and involved child custody across two counties.

He was extremely cooperative and was always there ready to handle anything that came our way. Excellent communication and expert knowledge, professionalism and most importantly: Kindness. Highly recommended him and Brookman.

Thank you to both.


Martin Forristal

Very helpful helping my partner to intervene. Everything was explained to her from scratch and so helpful. 5*** Thank you Henry!


Jenny Brock

I would like to say my experience with Mr Brookman was an extremely positive experience. His knowledge, advice and compassion put me very much at ease and made a very difficult situation much more bearable. I would recommend this company wholeheartedly and they would be my first port of call should I need in the future.


‘T G’

I found them extremely professional and exceptionally caring.


Caroline Caffoor

Prompt, professional and kind. I recommend them wholeheartedly.


Garry Ralph

Very swift response and concise information. I had a very engaging free consultation with Mr Brookman initially which was informative and professional.


Omar Sheikh

I started my divorce case as a litigant in person in February 2020, I was stuck at the petition stage due to stubborn ex refusing to sign and return the acknowledgment of service. I instructed Brookman solicitors in May 2020 to act on my behalf and Henry Brookman allocated my case to Lorraine Imms who was professional at all times and did quality work through all stages of my divorce, from being granted deemed of service to decree absolute. She managed to get my divorce processed in a timely manner even though it was transferred to Bury St Edmunds which was overwhelmed with delays due to Covid-19, she ensured no time was wasted and my divorce would be processed in time for my wedding. It took Lorraine 8 months from applying for deemed service on my behalf to me receiving my decree absolute in January 2021 which is very impressive due to the delays at that particular court. I recommend this law firm to anyone who is looking for quality work and professional service. Thank you so much to all at Brookman solicitors especially Lorraine.


Natalie Roche

Very helpful, and honest about my situation even though it wasn’t business for them at this time. Would recommend.


John Du

Knowledgeable, friendly, considerate, and most importantly easy to contact. Brilliant service.


Dinh Trinh

Mr Brookman is professional and dealt with my case quickly. I am very happy with the service and would recommend to anyone.


Jessica Littlemore

I dealt directly with both Sarah Brookman and Lorraine Imms and felt that they both delivered both in a consistent and professional manner. I felt in safe hands with a very personal and sensitive situation. They were always available to answer my questions and helped me through the process step by step.


Vincent Monloys

I was looking for initial advice that would take into account my requirements and give me realistic answers regarding my case. Mr Bookman kindly took a fairly long time to provide the advice I was looking for and even more than I was expecting. I was very impressed with the quality of service provided by Brookman Solicitors overall and would definitely recommend them.


Joanne Chidwick

I wanted to send a deeply personal thank you to Henry & the team at Brookman’s who have helped me through a very difficult time in my life. They have given me a truly personalised service & been incredibly sympathetic and supportive all the way through the process. I cannot thank them enough & would not hesitate in recommending them to others.


Karuppiah CT

Mr Brookman was very thorough, professional and spot on. He understood my requirements, the complexities of the case and has dealt with it superbly. I'm very pleased with the service provided. Thanks very much.


Mohamed Ashraf Rashid

Divorce is not very easy and sometimes one doesn't know what to do but when you have the right people dealing with the matter than it makes it easier.

I was recommended to Henry and initially I was hesitant to use a lawyer for my divorce matter purely because of the costs but in certain circumstances, it is better to go for it. It may seem costly but one doesn't have a choice.

The initial appt gives one an opportunity to hear the lawyer out and then to ask questions relevant to one's case.

The service was great - Thank you


Yesima Hamid

I want to highly commend Brookman Solicitors firm. I had the privilege of getting very thorough and sensible advice from their solicitor Jennifer Douglas. I don't have enough praise for her. She made me feel at ease and 'got me' and understood very well all the issues and her advice was on point. I felt she had my interest at heart in all the different matters. She was very accommodating and willing. She truly made a difference. She has great insight and I truly recommend her and the firm. They are very professional with the human touch.


Roohie Mahajan

I am so happy that I hired their services. I am from India and it was my international divorce case. My ex husband is in the UK. I had a free telephone conversation with Henry Brookman and I was so satisfied that without even meeting him I was so confident. My case was handled in the best way possible.

He is probably the one of the best lawyers in the world. He is extremely competent, professional, intelligent and empathetic. The only lawyer who genuinely work to help you rather than making money. He is a very experienced lawyer and he saved me so much money. He is so calm and kind towards his approach. He is the most genuine person I have come across.

I just came to London once to attend my hearing. My husband and his solicitors made it so complicated. My ex husband has to spend double the amount of legal fees than me. This is the difference between hiring a good experienced lawyer. Their fees might be expensive but good lawyer will make you save money at the end. Finally at the end I won the case and my husband has to pay all my legal fees without me travelling to the UK. I will always be eternally grateful to Henry Brookman and Brookman Solicitors. I am falling short of words to praise them.

I highly recommend their services. Keep up the good work.


Jen Ade

I had an initial consultation and Henry was well prepared. He gave great advice and followed through quite quickly. He was very helpful.


Chris Mullins

Henry and team were most professional, considerate and efficient when handling the financial proceedings owing to my overseas divorce. I recommend their services highly. International circumstance was at first to me most daunting and confusing, given each country had its' own unique approach. Thankfully Henry was knowledgeable of the law on either side of the seas and able therefore to provide best guidance and reasoning to me which enabled favourable settlement!


Wim Jansen

I contacted Brookman to ask for information regarding the validity of an international divorce court ruling. They were very quick in providing me with the right information. When I had another question a few months later around children matters I phoned them again and after taking some background information and contact details they booked me in for a free telephone consultation with 1 of their partners Talitha Brookman. She spent half an hour of her time explaining to me what I could expect and provided legal advice. All was free of charge. I would not hesitate to contact them again should any matter become more formal and have to go through court. The service has been quick, professional and very friendly.


Rebecca Brown

Highly recommend this firm. Having searched around different firms for advice for some time, I had a free consultation with Henry Brookman. He was incredibly knowledgeable about my complex situation, gave straightforward advice and empowered me to understand exactly how I need to proceed.



I found my dealing with the firm and in particular Aziz Malik sub-standard and an expensive exercise. My case was relatively straightforward. I was looking for a firm to provide legal advice and to carry out some documentation work however after muddied advice and hesitancy to carry out the work on their part I found myself at square one but a couple of thousand pounds lighter in the pocket! I have settled my divorce using an online service that I found polar opposite to my dealings with Brookman and considerably cheaper - by an order of magnitude! I can only give a honest account of my experience with the firm which seems at odds with the other reviews on here but mine was one of dissatisfaction and I am just glad I cut my losses and moved on when I did.


Nik Carter

I recently had a free initial consultation with Henry Brookman via video conference. He was considered and meticulous in his approach and gave me well thought through advice. He followed this up with a letter in writing summarising the advice he gave me. I would thoroughly recommend his services to anyone looking for legal representation in a divorce.


Sarah Jones

Henry was extremely helpful and pleasant to speak with. He provided comprehensive advice in a matter of hours and responded promptly to any queries I had. I would highly recommend speaking with him.


Shazan Awam

Very helpful and thorough advice. Highly Recommend!


Pierre Sauvage

I met with Henry Brookman for an initial consultation in order to consider if a prenup agreement was the best course of action for my marriage. He spent the time to answer all my questions and encouraged me to do the right thing. I recommend dealing wit Henry Brookman and it was a pleasant experience.


Jamie Warnes

Excellent service. I had a consultation directly with Mr Brookman and his advice and guidance was very clear and helpful. Would highly recommend.


Deana Kendall

I had been referred by a friend who has a close connection with the firm. I met with Mr Henry Brookman who offered me a free initial consultation to discuss my matter. Mr Brookman is very thorough and has great attention to detail and care. I genuinely feel that he has a great understanding of my circumstances and situation. Moving forward, I have received continuous updates (when relevant) regarding developments to my situation and all correspondences are clear. I feel confident with Mr Brookman's guidance and excellent team! Though my matter is still on-going for the time being, I cannot highly recommend enough! In any event, I will always be eternally grateful to Mr Brookman and his team.



I met with a lovely solicitor who seemed really knowledgable but that was where the good experience ended. I had to chase multiple times in an attempt to actually instruct them and eventually just gave up as I received no response!


Emma Hearse

I had an initial consultation with Mr. Brookman, his advice was extremely thorough and relevant. I would recommend Brookman Solicitors.


Caroline Keane

It was great to have a free initial consultation with Henry Brookman. He answered my questions, and I finished the conversation knowing what I needed to do next in order to resolve matters.


Niamh Tracey Smith

Highly recommended. Speak to Senior Partner Henry Brookman directly to put your mind at ease and for expert guidance. Invaluable.


Hossam Abdel Dayem

Very professional service. I have had my first consultation with Mr Brookman who listened carefully to all my worries, answered all my questions and reassured me about the expected outcome. I can not begin to say how grateful I am to him for his help.


Rhea Steel

I sent an email to book a free 45 min consultation. A senior partner answered my questions and put me at ease. No consultation needed!



I had the opportunity to meet Henry Brookman in a very difficult time of my life and he has been of great advise and support. Thank you!


Simon Rogerson

I wanted to say a big thanks to Henry Bookman and his colleagues for all their help and guidance during my divorce - a long a complicated one. The team were all brilliant. I loved the fact that Henry was happy to explore possibilities and search for solutions. I also feel that on occasions he gave hope when things were against me. All told a great coach who was ready with pearls of wisdom when I needed it.


An'a. K

I would strongly recommend this firm. I had the opportunity to discuss my case thoroughly with Mr Bookman. But before the initial consultation, I had a telephone conversation with a legal assistant who took most of the details down, so that my initial consultation was to the point I appreciate the advice given by Mr Bookman and think it a humble approach that the initial consultation is FREE and carried by the most senior member of the firm and not by a junior staff like it happens in other firms.



Aziz Malik. Unbelievably good. Fantastic advice and was able to manage my difficult family law case to a superb outcome. Highly recommended.


Sara Estevez

I did a consultation with Henry and I highly recommend him. He took the time to understand my situation, checked that he had all the information he needed and once he realized he was not the best person for my case, he recommended another lawyer in another country who could help. Unlike other lawyers I've worked with previously, he was extremely honest, transparent and generous with his time.


Riviera Boulevard

The professionalism and speed at which Mr Henry responded to the initial enquiry was remarkable and the advice provided was detailed and clear.


Kashif Riaz

Mr Brookman dealt with me directly and I was very happy with his advice and service. I would definitely recommend this firm. I could already feel the very personal attention as soon as I walked in their office.



Thank you Brookman Solicitors for working to achieve a positive outcome for what could have been a very tricky case. Your diligence and effort, especially when following up with the courts was key to returning the desired result in a timely fashion. Always polite, responsive and professional, I am very grateful. thank you!


Jo Hannah

I am very thankful to Mr Henry Brookman for his time, understanding and advice. I would highly recommend this firm.


Jeffrey Schenck

Henry Brookman listened carefully and provided clear, thoughtful, sound advice that took into account the complexity of my situation. All of my dealings with the firm were handled with sensitivity and respect. I would definitely recommend the services of Brookman Solicitors.


Ilona Galiyeva

I’ve dealt with Mr. Brookman himself and he is very peasant to work with. Listens to your demands and is very helpful in terms of providing advice.


Milla Linke

Mr Brookman is very professional and helpful. After my initial consultation I have more clarity and understanding into my situation. I would highly recommend this firm.


Mr Man

VERY PROFESSIONAL . My initial telephone contact to this firm was handled very professionally. First impressions really do matter. The details of my enquiry were taken and I soon became eased to believe that I being listened to and relevant details were being noted. My subsequent initial assessment interview was just as thorough and professional, consistent with my previous experience. Choosing a solicitor to act on your behalf is a very important consideration. Although my case is still on going, I have every confidence and peace of mind that I will be concluded well.


Chris Mullins

Henry Brookman and team have been fantastic from initial point of contact. They were able to schedule me a 'free telephone consult' at short notice in order to fit with my travel plans. I have now received sound written legal advice from both UK and Overseas perspective which has given me great reassurance and peace of mind. I am now understanding of the legal journey I am to face and have confidence that his team will be able to support me!


Syeda Rizvi

I can’t recommend Brookman solicitors enough. I met with Mr Aziz Malik from Brookman solicitors for a case that had an international dimension to it, and found him extremely competent, professional, reassuring and empathetic. Knowing that my case was time sensitive, Mr Aziz was quick to initiate the legal process, kept me updated on the case progress, responded very promptly to all my correspondence, gave very sincere legal advice and addressed all my concerns in a very patient and responsible fashion. He was very involved in the case, and I knew from the get go that my case was in safe hands. Throughout the process, the law firm also kept me posted on the costs of the services I was getting, hence making the process very convenient and transparent for me. The barrister they appointed to represent me at the hearing(s) was equally competent, knowledgeable and articulate. Thanks to Brookman solicitors, the outcome of my case was exactly what I had wished for, and I am beyond delighted. I am extremely grateful to them for their services. Please keep up the good work!


Nir Ozer

Henry Brookman was very honest and helpful with the professional quick legal service. It's wonderful to know you get a proper advice when needed. I definitely recommend this law firm.


Chris Saunders

I engaged Brookman Solicitor's on a particularly complex topic related to international divorce. Henry and his team provided excellent support and his expertise was a critical factor in a successful outcome. I would not hesitate in working with this firm again, or recommending them to others.


Petra LP

Replied to my query very quickly and was very helpful and understanding.



Mr Brookman and his team have offered me excellent support and advice thru a very difficult time. I feel I've dealt with someone who truly cares and wants the best outcome for you and yours. I'm extremely grateful for all the help Brookman Solicitors has offered me. I can't recommend them enough.


andre letts

I had a complex international enquiry that previously consulted solicitors had advised to consult elsewhere. Mr Brookman is clearly well experienced with such matters, and was able to offer advice over the telephone, which was followed up with an email to ensure that the consultation had been understood. With such matters it is reassuring to consult with someone with a clear understanding and the knowledge to advise the necessary action. I will certainly be returning to Mr Brookson as the matter develops.


Izabela Ganga

I met up with Mr Henry Brookman and he was very warm and reassuring, detailing all possible options and implications in a very patient and humanly manner. He is not only an amazing lawyer, but a truly good natured person. Very happy to have met him and overall a positive experience.


Alex K

I contacted Henry Brookman to get an initial consultation on a complicated international divorce and I receieved more than I expected. The consultation itself was very professional and Henry provided me both with a clear view of potential outcomes of the local and international divorce proceedings and exta extra informaiton that needs to be provided before the divorce strategy can be finalized.

However, what makes Henry Brookman to stand out from other solicitors is a genuine empathy, compassion and a unique way of guiding throgh complicated matters both in a simple and a calming way. I can highly recommend contacting for anyone who faces either local and international divorce.


Sukaina Shah

I found my experience with Brookman Solicitors very professional and caring about my needs and requests.

I went in for my free initial consultation with no understanding of my case and position. Henry not only helped me gain a better understanding, he also advised on some very helpful and informative insights. He is a professional and yet so personable and attentive.

Thank you Henry and the team.


Priya Kumar

Great communications with Mr Brookman, very professional and informative whilst also reassuring.


Moona Rise

Very quick response. very informative and helpful initial free of charge telephone consultation. From the start to the end of the consultation, I felt the professional and respectful attitude of Mr. Henry Brookman oozing through the phone. I immediately felt that I can trust this man and his firm to handle my case safely.


Brendon Bone

Having sought a solicitor with experience of disputes between families living abroad, Brookman Solicitors came up on the search. Having dealt firstly with Michelle and then Henry Brookman, I can only say that their caring nature not only gave us the facts of where we are and what our rights were, but without the need for legal language that we clearly didn't understand. Henry is plain speaking and his depth of knowledge is second to none, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and the company to anyone in need of legal assistance in a family dispute.



Highly professional and approachable service, from both Henry Brookman and the staff. Exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.


Olga Yakimenko

Henry Brookman handled my case when I came to Brookman Solicitors. I had little understanding of the processes involved, or where I stood in regards to them, and Henry took the time to not only go over every possible detail of my case, but to also understand my position from a human point of view. He was kind, empathetic and obviously excellent at what he does, not missing a single detail. I cannot overstate how professional and understanding he was. I won't forget his work and warm approach, and can't recommend him enough to anyone seeking the services that Brookman Solicitors offers.


Belinda Baker

Henry was incredibly professional and has given me the best advice I could wish for. He has been helpful and empathetic to my stressful situation. Would highly recommend Brookman to anyone.


Mishali Patani

I contacted the firm for advice on an international relocation case I’m currently going through. Henry Brookman took time to read and understand the details of the complex case and gave sound advice and reassurance that I have a strong case and am on the right track. Unfortunately the matter cannot be handled from the UK, however Mr Brookman offered his assistance should my current Australian lawyer need it. I was blown away by Mr Brookman’s compassion and felt confident in his vast experience and knowledge in international family law. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone wanting an honest and professional service from genuinely good people. Thank you for your time Mr Brookman, I honestly appreciate it.


Thomas Taylor-Benson

Mr Brookman and his team have been incredibly helpful and understanding of my International Family Law issue which has now been resolved and closed. I feared this would have become a long , protracted and painful exercise had I not chosen them. I would highly recommend this firm without hesitation.


Jonathan Porritt

Extremely helpful and thorough when asking for advice.



Very grateful for the fast and genuine advice. I would recommend Brookman’s to others needing assistance with complex International divorce issues.


Paula Eyzaguirre

I contacted Brookman Solicitors for legal advice on some documents related to my divorce (splitting of assets). I dealt directly with Mr Brookman, and was very happy with the service. Despite living outside the UK, I was always able to discuss my situation in a prompt manner. Also, Mr Brookman was always willing to explain everything as clearly as possible with me. Divorces are stressful, and even though there may not be many assets to split, it's always good to know that there are knowledgeable people out there who are willing to guide you throughout and not take advantage in (what can be) a very stressful situation. Furthermore, Mr Brookman always followed my wishes as to how to proceed as my ex and I wanted to remain on amicable terms throughout. I have heard of other solicitors egging their clients on for "more".

I would definitely recommend this firm's services.


Roberta Spinosa-Millman

I contacted Brookman Solicitors with a general question in regards to a convoluted matter involving multiple countries, divorce laws, etc. I had the absolute pleasure and honour of dealing with Mr. Brookman personally. He was absolutely professional, thoughtful, insightful and genteel. I would not hesitate to employ Henry Brookman and his practice.


Carol Edgerley

Despite being unable to confer my matter to Henry Brookman due to a requirement for it to be resolved in a different country, I was extremely appreciative of his help in redirecting me, including a follow-up email to ensure I was on the right track. Thank you, Henry!



Brookman Solicitors team is very friendly, helpful and responds communications in prompt, courteous and professional manners.
Although only spoken with Mr. Henry Brookman on the phone for initial consultation to discuss the potential case and my options if one of us decided to end this marriage, I can feel he is a highly knowledgeable and experienced divorce solicitor who is extremely professional and demonstrates genuine empathy and compassion - a quality I did not find with other solicitors that I contacted before Brookman.
Therefore I would recommend Mr Henry Brookman to anyone seeking divorce advice.


John Gray

This is the real John Gray not the bogus reviewer that left one star.
Brookman Solicitors without exaggeration saved my life. From an unjust and completely incorrect judgement from a district judge in my divorce proceedings that would have bankrupt me. The team of Aziz Malik Brookman Solicitors and associate Barristor Peter Duckworth professionally requested permission to appeal, were granted permission then won the appeal The ruling from the district judge was completely thrown out, I only wish there were some repercussions in regard to the DJ for such a travesty of justice. The appeal was in front of a much more qualified judge, QC Wildblood. Having such a professional team sat in front of you gave me great confidence that justice would prevail and it did. They made the other side look fools and the judge agreed so much in fact the following comment was put on record "As one would expect from Mr. Duckworth this is a highly focussed and well directed application for permission to appeal" Judge Wildblood QC "it is obvious that permission to appeal must be given and the appeal must be allowed"
Brookman Solicitors thank you very much, I would recommend you to anyone. I am so happy now and have moved on in life.

July 2017

Elaine Garayeli

I hold Mr Brookman and his team in the highest regard. My case was one of complicated international law and became a public interest case in Australia. Mr Brookman was compassionate to my needs and with his extensive legal knowledge and professional advice, the outcome was a success.

June 2017


Brookman Solicitors is an EXCEPTIONAL law firm, I have no reservations in recommending them.

I was a defendant in a Hague case which involved my then three year old daughter. My lawyer, Maria Conesa Gonzalez, from the initial consultation was very professional and listened intently giving advice clearly and confidently. Throughout the duration of my case which lasted almost three years, Maria told me things she knew I would find hard to accept but relayed them tactfully and listened intently to my responses and concerns. At no point was I made to feel that I was just another client as I would have done in a larger law firm or one of the more well-known ones. Maria made me feel important; she made me feel she cared, yet she maintained the upmost professionalism throughout.

I retained Brookman solicitors at one of the hardest times in my life; it turned out I got the best outcome possible, it was one I never anticipated. This was all due to their hard work and determination. I could not have asked for a better solicitor or a better law firm. The staff at the firm were always polite, cheerful and professional, on occasion they even made me smile when I felt I had forgotten how to. I have no doubt in my mind had I retained a different law firm I would have had to accept a very different outcome, one that I would not have been happy with.

I wholeheartedly recommended Brookman to my friends, family and colleagues and will continue to do so. As a law graduate and someone who has worked in highly prestigious law firms in England and Canada, I can honestly say they are most definitely one of the best law firms out there. I am indebted to Brookman Solicitors and cannot thank them enough. If I ever needed to again, I would retain Brookman Solicitors in a heartbeat.

From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU.